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Tty6955 3 sets of slider keys
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Software introduction:
This software is to provide customers with a simple set of slider key application program. As long as the client uses IIC communication format, it can be set
And read the slider key and independent key touch data.
This application uses 16 touch pads to allow customers to plan according to design requirements. 16 touch pad gauges
The slider can be divided into 3 groups at most. When there is no slider key setting, all 16 keys
It can be used independently.
There are two ways to modify the setting parameters. The user can adjust the touch sensitivity of the slider key with the USB pclink board
Parameters, and then use IIC write instructions to modify the set parameters.
There are two independent key output modes of the program: multiple and single. If multiple is selected, all the keys will be pressed
Key output. When single is selected, only the first key pressed will be output. When the key is released, the next key will be output
Designed with power saving mode, it is suitable for applications such as remote control which need long standby time.
There are 4 sets of slave addresses, which can be switched by external switches.
Product application:
Large and small household appliances
Access control monitoring equipment
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