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TTY226 capacitive touch key 8 keys
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8 key touch detection IC
It is a touch IC designed based on the principle of capacitive induction, providing 8 touch keys,
This touch detection chip is designed to replace the traditional buttons. The size of touch detection pad can be set according to different sensitivity
In a reasonable range, low power consumption and wide working voltage are the characteristics of the touch chip in DC or AC applications.
Working voltage 2.0V ~ 5.5V
When the working current is VDD = 3V, the typical value is 80ua, and the maximum value is 160ua
Output refresh rate is about 55Hz when VDD = 3V
16 order optional sensitivity (slse1-4 pin options)
Stable human contact detection to replace the traditional direct switch key
Direct mode, matrix mode and serial mode are provided, which are selected by pin option
At most 8 input pads and 8 outputs in direct mode;
At most 8 input pads in serial interface mode;
Fixed 2 * 4 and 3 * 3 matrix types provide up to 8 input pads
The output can be selected as high level active or low level active by pin option
There is a stable period after power on. During this period, do not touch the key pad, and the function is invalid,
Ttp226-809sn is 0.8-1.0 seconds
Always carry out self calibration. When all keys are not touched, the recalibration cycle ttp226-809sn is 0.8 ~ 1.0 seconds
Application scope
Various consumer products
Replace button buttons
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