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TTP321 heart rate detection chip
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Ttp321 special chip for ECG detection
Ttp321 is a special chip for human ECG detection, which is made by CMOS technology. Its peripheral devices are greatly reduced,
It saves space, cost and debugging time, and improves the reliability of the whole machine. Can be widely used in hand-held sports equipment
Such as treadmill.
I. characteristics
◆ voltage working range: 2.4 ~ 5.5V.
◆ standby typical working current, no load < 3ua @ VDD = 3.0V.
◆ provide hand-held ECG detection function.
◆ two kinds of energizing feet can be selected (len, hen).
◆ the detection ECG output pulse width can be adjusted by external RC.
◆ built in high sensitivity ia amplifier detection circuit.
◆ built in bias voltage provides peripheral circuit use.
◆ built in hand start detection circuit to save standby power consumption.
◆ synchronous pulse output.

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