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TTP117 single key LED dimming touch control chip
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Ttp117 is a touch controlled LED dimming application chip, which is controlled by PWM NMOS to achieve dimming effect, with high frequency
Rate of PWM output.
Typical working voltage 5.0V
VDD = 5.0V, working current at 25 ℃ without load < 500uA
2.2khz high frequency PWM output, dimming does not flicker
Provide 2 function feet and select 4 dimming modes
(1) three section dimmer, initially off. OPT2 = 0,OPT1 = 1
(2) 4-segment dimmer, initially off. OPT2 = 1,OPT1 = 0
(3) three section dimmer, initially on (6%). OPT2 = 0,OPT1 = 0
(4) toggle on / off, initially off. OPT2 = 1,OPT1 = 1
Ttp117 PWM output high level action control NMOS
Two input dimmer modes: touch sensitive and traditional key
The application circuit is simple and easy
Metal lamp body or touch plate can be connected to IC pin through wire, which is favorable for lamp body design
Application scope
LED lamp.
For PWM control
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