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Sl2401 DC-DC Buck constant current driver
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PWM / PFM control DC-DC Buck constant current driver
■ Product Overview
Sl2401 is a reference voltage source, oscillation circuit, comparator
PWM / PFM control circuit and other CMOS buck constant current driver. benefit
The PWM / PFM automatic switching control circuit achieves adjustable duty cycle and has full output
Low ripple, high efficiency and high output current in the input voltage range (2.0-6v)
And other characteristics.
Sl2401 has built-in power MOSFET, using overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, etc
Many protection circuits will be automatically disconnected when exceeding the control value to protect the chip.
This product combines the characteristics of micro package and low current consumption, which is most suitable for mobile
The power supply of the device is used internally.
■ product features
High efficiency and maximum efficiency up to 92%
Large output current 800mA
Very small static current 200 μ a
Low pressure operation up to 100% duty cycle
PWM / PFM automatic switching duty cycle can be adjusted automatically to keep a large negative
High efficiency and low ripple in load range

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