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TTP224b 4 key touch detection IC
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4 key touch detection IC
z TTP224B-BSBN/TTP224B-BSB TonTouch
IC is a touch IC designed based on the principle of capacitive induction
The IC built-in voltage stabilizing circuit is used for touch sensor. The stable induction effect can be applied to a wide range of electronic products. Panel medium
It must be completely isolated material, designed to replace the traditional mechanical structure switch or ordinary key. Provide 4 touch inputs
Port and 4 direct output ports.
Z working voltage 2.4V ~ 5.5V
Z built-in voltage stabilizing circuit provides stable voltage for touch detection circuit
Z working current @ VDD = 3V, no load
Typical 2.5ua in low power mode
Typical value 13ua in fast mode
Z @ VDD = 3V working voltage:
The fastest response time of key is 60ms in fast operation mode and 160ms in low power operation mode
Z the sensitivity of each key can be adjusted independently by the external capacitance (1 ~ 50pF)
Z provides lpmb port to select fast operation mode or low power operation mode
Z provides direct output mode, latch output mode, open drain output, CMOS high-level effective or low-level effective output via tog
/Od / ahlb port selection
Z provides mot0 port to select valid key for maximum output time: about 16 seconds / Infinity
Z provides selection of multi key or single key output (SM pin)
Z there is a stable time of about 0.5 seconds after power on. Do not touch the touch pad during this time. At this time, all functions are prohibited
Z auto calibration function
Z the reference value will be refreshed every 1 second in the first 8 seconds after the IC is powered on. If any key is touched or after 8 seconds, it will be changed to every 4 seconds
New sampling once
Application scope
Z various consumer products
Z replace button button
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