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  • Infrared sensor introduction

    Infrared basic concept Infrared rays refer to invisible light rays in the range of up to 400 μm longer than the red light wavelength of 0.76 μm. Now, infrared detection and control technology has been widely used in production, environmental..
  • How the temperature sensor works

    1.Temperature sensorHow it works--Digital temperature sensing It uses a silicon process to produce a digital temperature sensor that uses a PTAT structure that has precise, temperature-dependent output characteristics. The output of PTAT is mo..
  • Design, manufacture and industrialization of key equipment for Fresnel lens

    Has entered the human energy structure. However, the C-axis is supported by gas static pressure, and human use of solar energy has been around for a long time. The use of circular gratings as angular displacement feedback has received great attention in..
  • Traditional introduction to Fresnel lens

    You will find a plastic hat on each PIR. This is the Fresnel lens, which has been used up to now. This Fresnel lens can limit the peak frequency of incident light to about 10 microns (the peak of human infrared radiation), and the Fresnel lens can great..
  • Who invented the Fresnel lens?

    Seen from the profile. Fresnel lens (Augustin, Fresnel) invented. The surface consists of a series of serrated grooves, which are made by mounting several independent sections on a frame to make a lighter and thinner lens. The center part is an elliptic..
  • Application of Fresnel lens in LED flood light

    When it is necessary to calibrate the beam source of the LED illuminator to a wider range of angles. The most common practice is to use a mirror combined with a Fresnel lens to reduce the amount of optics used. The Fresnel optical lens is a spherical su..
  • How photosensitive sensors work

    How to do it: A photosensor is a sensor that converts an optical signal into an electrical signal using a photosensitive element (photodiode) whose sensitive wavelength is close to the wavelength of visible light, including the infrared wavelength a..
  • The human body sensing module is widely used in our daily life

    Everyone knows about the human body sensing module, but do you know how human motion is sensed by sensors? Human body sensing module is widely used in our daily life. For example, when we enter the bank ATM, the system sends out warm and safe reminde..
  • What is the design of the thermistor electronic thermometer?

    What is the design of the thermistor electronic thermometer? High-tech thermometers are increasingly popular among the people. From traditional mercury thermometers to electronic thermometers with high technology content, infrared thermometers, etc.,..
  • Principle and application of infrared human body induction Fresnel lens

    Fresnel lens has two effects: One is the focusing effect, which is to refract (reflect) the pyroelectric infrared signal on the PIR. The second is to divide the detection area into a number of bright areas and dark areas, so that moving ..
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