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Digital Pyroelectric infrared Motion Detector Module-SL116
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Digital Pyroelectric infrared Motion Sensor Module-SL116

SL116 PIR Motion sensor module is an autocontrol product based on infrared ray integrated technology,
with high sensitivity, reliability, ULV working pattern and small size. This module can be widely used in
multiple auto-induction electric equipment, especially autocontrol products whose power are supplied by
dry battery.
■Automatic induction: When human comes into the detecting range, module will output high level. When
human comes out of the rang, module will output low level instead of high level.
■Photosensitivity controlling(optional):Set photosensitivity to control the switch, no detection while in
daytime or strong light.
■Inner-setting processing chip: Internally set an analog-digital processing integrate as inner-setting
processing chip, combining with the sensor. It blocks the RFI of the shell in order to stabilize the product.
■Inner-setting analog-digital chip: The product converts the analog signal transmitted by sensitivity unit
into digital signal by 16 bit high-accuracy AD converter. With the addition of dedicated filter, it effectively
filter various low and high frequency noise interference.
■Triggering mode: When the infrared signal received by sensor exceeds the internal threshold, it will
launch a counter pulse. A second signal will be considered as a second pulse by the sensor. Once a
second pulse is received within 4 seconds, the sensor will output high level. Moreover, as long as the
amplitude of the signal exceeds 5 times of the trigger threshold value, only one pulse is needed to output
high level. If the sensor continuously receives triggering signal, the hold time of high level will start from
the last effective triggering till the end.
■Sensing blocking time(default setting: blocking time 2.5s): After the sensing output of the sensing
module(high level turns into low level), there could be a blocking time. During this period, the sensor
reject any sensing signal. It is a function that the working interval between sensing output time and
blocking time can be applied interval detection products. Meanwhile, this function can effectively restrain
the interference caused by load switchover.
■ Wide operating voltage range: DC2.7V-18V。
■ Micro power consumption: When DC3V and quiescent current≤20 uA, the module is particularly
suitable for battery-powered autocontrol products
■ Output high level signal: The module can easily dock with many kinds of circuit.
■ Long detection distance:Up to 8 meters
■ PIR motion sensor lamp
■ PIR motion toy
■ Security product
■ Industrial autocontrol
■ Auto sensing electrical equipment
■Battery-powered autocontrol

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