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TTP118 stepless dimming touch IC
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Single channel key / DC LED light touch control chip
Ttp118 is mainly used for single channel key touch chip of LED light regulation and switch control. It can be realized by using the chip
Stepless / three-stage brightness adjustment and switch control (on / off) of LED light, as well as "single channel key" touch function.
The working range of voltage is 2.4 ~ 5.5V.
Standby typical working current
No load 1 @ VDD = 3.3V, typical value 3.5ua, maximum value 7ua.
No load 2 @ VDD = 3.3V, typical value 5ua, maximum value 10uA
No load 3 @ VDD = 5.0V, typical value 8ua, maximum value 15ua.
If there is no key for more than 4 seconds, it will enter standby mode. If it is LED dimming mode, it will not enter when LED is on
8 pin number, simple peripheral circuit and low cost.
The touch function can be realized under the condition of medium isolation protection, with high security. (such as glass, acrylic and other materials).
Reliable power on reset (POR) and low voltage reset (LVR).
Good anti-interference characteristics of power supply and mobile phone.
PWM output brightness is adjusted continuously, PWM output frequency is 31khz @ v = 5.0V.
Eight different functions can be realized through three pins of opt1, OPT2 and opt3
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