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TTY6853 capacitive touch key 2 keys
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2 keys capacitive touch key
Product description
Two touch sensitive buttons are provided, one-to-one direct output, low power consumption mode, which can be used in battery application products. about
Excellent performance in waterproof and anti-interference.
Product characteristics
Working voltage range: 3.1V - 5.5V
Working current: 3mA (normal mode); 15 UA (sleep mode) @ 5V
Two touch sensitive buttons
No key for 4 seconds (funcedit can modify parameters according to different product applications) to enter sleep mode
It provides one-to-one direct output, which is high-level output without key
The sensitivity can be adjusted by adjusting the external capacitance of cap pin. The larger the capacitance is, the higher the sensitivity is
It is waterproof and covered with water drops on the touch key panel, and the key can still be effectively identified
Built in LDO increases the anti-interference ability of power supply
Product application
All kinds of home appliances and entertainment
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