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Application of infrared sensor in elevator system

PELENS PELENS 2019-09-26 4

The elevator is an electric motor-powered vertical lift with a box-shaped pod for multi-storey buildings to take passengers or carry cargo. With the occurrence of many elevator accidents, people are increasingly demanding safety aspects of elevators. In order to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents, the elevator designer installed a variety of sensors and measuring instruments on the body of the elevator, and the tilt sensor is one of them.

The tilt sensor is usually mounted on the top of the elevator for real-time detection of the verticality of the elevator. When the elevator is over-sloping, the relevant personnel will know the situation in real time and deal with it in time. The angle signal of the tilt sensor real-time output can also be displayed through the relevant instrument and can be networked to form a monitoring network, thereby better maintaining the use of the elevator and ensuring the safety of the entering and leaving personnel. Nowadays, the more popular sensors for preventing pinching in elevators are generally infrared-type infrared sensors.

A device applied to a door machine to protect people or objects from being pinched. The infrared sensor emits a beam of light that illuminates the launcher or receiver mounted on the other side of the elevator door. The elevator door is equipped with an emitter on one side and a receiver on the other side. When the intermediate beam is blocked and the receiving beam does not receive the emitted beam, it reacts to the controller and then reacts to the elevator main board, and the elevator door naturally opens.

In addition, there are encoders in the elevator that convert the signals of the speed into electrical signals. It mainly has two functions: one is to detect the real-time position of the elevator in the hoistway, and the other is to detect the real-time speed of the elevator operation. Finally, there are many applications for sensors such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, load cells, etc. in the elevator.

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