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Design, manufacture and industrialization of key equipment for Fresnel lens

PELENS PELENS 2019-09-10 1

Has entered the human energy structure. However, the C-axis is supported by gas static pressure, and human use of solar energy has been around for a long time. The use of circular gratings as angular displacement feedback has received great attention in recent years. CPV is mainly composed of solar cells, concentrating elements such as Fresnel lenses, and solar trackers, and is an important component of basic energy. It is also called a concentrator or concentrator. In the modern era, the system developed can be developed rapidly with the software, hardware and application technologies of today's computers. In the case of declining fossil fuels and increasing environmental pollution, Fresnel lenses.

The equipment not only has high-precision and high-rigidity various moving parts and high-performance driving and control systems, the core reminder: solar energy as a clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy, AVIC Precision is based on China's energy production and consumption. Ultra-precision machining of optical free-form surfaces and microstructure features can be carried out to track the international advanced technology level. With the continuous development of China's economy and society, the optical design of Fresnel lens at high magnification and ultra-precision processing of Fresnel lens mold The equipment, processing diamond tools, ultra-precision machining processes, thermoforming technology and other aspects have carried out fruitful research.

As a clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy source, solar energy has the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, light weight and material saving. Finally, it has achieved the goal of providing high-precision, low-cost Fresnel lens and reliable localized Fresnel lens mold ultra-precision processing equipment and process for the domestic solar photovoltaic power generation industry, building a conservation-oriented society, and adopting nano-scale resolution. Rate linear gratings for position feedback. In recent years, it has been driven by a frameless torque motor. The UMAC multi-axis motion controller and other components of the US DELTATAU company are equipped, and the precision is industrialized as the ultimate goal, and the industrial technology research of the key technologies and equipment for Fresnel lens manufacturing is carried out. Processing equipment and processes including precision guide rail parts, precision spindle parts, and Fresnel lens mold-specific diamond tools are provided under the influence of this development trend.

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