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Oxygen alarm is indispensable for safe operation

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First of all, you need to understand the negative effects of oxygen! Oxygen is an indispensable gas for human survival. Without oxygen, humans can asphyxiate in a few minutes. It is unknown that the damage to human beings should not be neglected when the oxygen content is too high. In addition, oxygen is a combustion aid for a variety of flammable gases, which can react with a variety of toxic and harmful gases. Oil may cause explosion accidents.

1. Negative effects of excessive oxygen inhalation:

If a person has toxic effects on all cells in pure oxygen environment greater than 0.05 MPa (half atmospheric pressure), he may suffer from "oxygen poisoning" if he inhales for too long. Pulmonary capillary barrier is damaged, resulting in pulmonary edema, pulmonary congestion and hemorrhage, seriously affecting respiratory function, thus causing damage to organs due to hypoxia. In 0.1 MPa (1 atmospheric pressure) pure oxygen environment, people can only survive for 24 hours, will attack pneumonia, and eventually lead to respiratory failure, asphyxia and death. In 0.2 MPa (2 atmospheric pressures) pure oxygen environment, people can stay more than 1.5 hours to 2 hours, which will lead to brain poisoning, life rhythm disorder, energy disorder and memory loss. If you take part in 0.3 MPa (3 atmospheric pressures) or even higher oxygen, you will have brain cell degeneration and necrosis within minutes, convulsions and coma, resulting in death.

In addition, excessive oxygen inhalation can also promote the aging of life. Oxygen entering the human body reacts with the oxidase in cells to produce hydrogen peroxide, which then becomes lipofuscin. This lipofuscin is a harmful substance that accelerates cell aging. It accumulates in the myocardium, aging myocardial cells and impaired cardiac function. It accumulates on the wall of blood vessels, causing vascular aging and sclerosis. It accumulates in the liver, weakening liver function. It accumulates in the brain, resulting in mental decline, memory loss and stupor. It accumulates on the skin and structure. Adult plaque.

2. The effects of hypoxia and oxygen enrichment on human body:

Oxygen concentration (% volume) augurs (atmospheric pressure) & gt; 23.5% oxygen enrichment, with intense blasting risk

20.9% oxygen concentration is normal

19.5% Oxygen Low Permissible Concentration

15-19% decrease work efficiency, and can cause problems in head, lung and circulatory system.

10-12% had shortness of breath, loss of judgment and purple lips.

8-10% mental retardation, syncope, unconsciousness, pallor, purple lips, vomiting aversion

6-8% 8 minutes, 100% dead/6 minutes, 50% dead/4-5 minutes can be recovered by treatment.

4-6% convulsions within 40 seconds and respiratory arrest

Other aspects:

For example, it is used as a combustion-supporting agent in cooperation with acetylene, propane and other combustible gases to achieve the effect of welding and cutting metals. It is widely used in all walks of life, especially in mechanical companies. It is also convenient for cutting, and it is a preferred cutting method. In underground, mine, and places where there is a danger of oxygen leakage, please install oxygen alarm or portable oxygen detector, oxygen detector and other gas inspection instruments to ensure the safety of personal life and property.

Our company's agent Alphasense, UK, is a two-year conventional electrochemical principle oxygen sensor, O2-A2, specializing in monitoring and alarming the concentration of oxygen. It has good stability, high sensitivity, fast response and high cost performance.

The main performance parameters are as follows:
1. & nbsp; & nbsp; test range: 0-30% < br />. 2. & nbsp; & nbsp; sensitivity: 80-120 uA (20.9%) < br />. 3. & nbsp; & nbsp; high resolution: 0.1% < br />. 4. & nbsp; & nbsp; T90 response time: & lt; 15s < br />. 5. & nbsp; & nbsp; working environment: - 30-50 C, 10-90% RH

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