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Intelligent lighting solutions

PELENS PELENS 2019-09-23 4

The role of lighting in every family is self-evident. Regardless of the family, leaving the lighting is like returning to the ancient times hundreds of years ago, which brings a lot of inconvenience to our life. The life without lighting is undoubtedly a very terrible thing for modern people. So many scholars define the invention of incandescent lamp as one of the symbols of modern civilization. With the invention of incandescent lamp, various lighting devices began to enter millions of households. Thus, a set of lighting system has been formed in every family. Later, due to the use of various lamps and lanterns, there have been certain changes in the light, shade and color of the lights. However, because it adopts the traditional local style and the control mode of opening and closing, it restricts the fast-paced life style of modern people, and at the same time limits its application in modern families.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, people have put forward new requirements for family lighting system. It not only controls the lighting time and brightness of lighting source, but also makes corresponding lighting scene with different application occasions with home subsystem. It also considers the intellectualization of management and simplicity of operation. Simplification and flexibility to adapt to future lighting layout and control changes and other requirements. An excellent intelligent lighting system can improve the quality of family environment and ensure the comfort and health of family life. So the network switch replaces the traditional switch and the intelligent lighting system replaces the traditional lighting system, which is an inevitable step in the process of home intelligentization.

With the rise of smart home industry, a brand new and humanized smart home lighting system will bring you all this.

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