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Quaternary digital pyroelectric infrared sensor s906

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Quaternary digital pyroelectric infrared sensor s906
The digital intelligent pyroelectric sensor s906 adopts the special analog-to-digital mixed processing integrated circuit as the built-in processing
The integrated circuit combines the functions of a single passive infrared pyroelectric mobile detector.
The input with high input impedance is used to access the pyroelectric sensitive element, and the pyroelectric signal is converted into 16 bit.
The digital signal is further processed by digital band-pass filtering, and then compared with the adjustable threshold value to obtain
Mobile detection signal, which is output from a push-pull rel output terminal and a digital input terminal
The rel output is allowed or prohibited, which can be used as the control end of conversion illuminance. The sensitivity and delay time can be
In order to set the DC voltage at the corresponding input, the voltage at the sensitivity setting end is converted to 7-bit resolution
The voltage at the set end of the delay time is converted into a digital value of 4-bit resolution, which is divided into 16 levels of delay.
Time options. All the signal processing is done on the chip.

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