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Ion smoke detection module SL-07

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Ion smoke detection module
- SL-07 -
Product overview:
The ionization smoke detector is to detect the smoke fire alarm based on the principle that the smoke enters the ionization chamber and destroys the current balance in the ionization chamber. The product is mainly composed of ionization chamber and integrated chip.
Working principle:
In the case of no smoke, the ionization chamber is balanced and stable. When there is smoke entering the ionization type, the ion flow is blocked by the smoke and the electrical performance changes. The integrated chip collects the signal that the changed electrical performance is interfered, judges whether the alarm limit is reached, and finally outputs the alarm signal.
Product features:
■ manual test.
■ automatic reset.
■ strong environmental applicability.
■ it adopts integrated micro processor control.
■ low power consumption and high stability.
■ the alarm buzzer sounds.
■ micro power consumption: when dc9v, static current ≤ 10 microamps, especially suitable for automatic control products powered by dry cells.
■ it has joint protection input and output, and can also be used for MUC high and low level processing judgment.

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