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Ion smoke sensor NIS-07

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The nis-07 ion smoke sensor has an ionization chamber. The artificial radiation element americium 241 (am241) used in the ionization chamber has an intensity of about 0.8 μ Curie. Under normal state, it is in the balance state of electric field. When smoke enters the ionization chamber, the positive and negative ions produced by ionization interfere with the normal movement of charged particles. Under the action of electric field, they move towards the positive and negative electrodes respectively and destroy the internal. The balance between the external ionization chambers, the current and the voltage will change. The ion smoke sensor is a device which can sense the micro current change of smoke particles through the voltage change caused by the ionization chamber equivalent to the smoke sensor. Thus, the macroscopic performance is that the increase of the equivalent resistance of the ionization chamber causes the increase of the voltage at both ends of the ionization chamber, so as to determine the smoke condition in the air.
Nis-07 ion smoke sensor uses micro amount of artificial radioactive material americium 241. Because the sensor body is covered by a metal shell, the radiation will never leak, so the user can use it at ease. In addition, it only uses 55% of 09C, so countries with restrictions on the use of radioactive energy can also use it at ease. And the foot configuration and output characteristics of this sensor are interchangeable with other companies' products. After the nis-07 source adopts low radiation energy and properly expands the ionization chamber, the equilibrium voltage becomes more stable and the false alarm rate is greatly reduced in the clean moisture.
Nis-07 ion smoke sensor is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable sensor, which is widely used in various fire alarm systems, and its performance is far better than that of gas resistance fire alarm.

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