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SMD package pyroelectric sensor - pyd5190

DigiPyro ® is the only real civilian digital pyroelectric infrared sensor unit. With the development of infrared sensor technology

With continuous innovation, we aim to introduce a new SMD packaged digital solution

Dual DigiPyro ® specification. The latest pyd5790 is a ceramic type SMD dual digital pyroelectric infrared sensor, 5-plane

Square millimeter area, the whole height is only 1.8mm, which can meet the market demand of the smallest pyroelectric infrared products.

According to the market demand, the shell height of the dual DigiPyro model type is 4.2mm. We also offer traditional models

SMD chip SMD package of quasi signal dual pyroelectric sensor model. PYD 5190. A new SMD package pyroelectric sensor

Gipiletm is a revolutionary digital civil thermoelectric infrared sensor specially designed for non-contact temperature measurement. In its

In the latest digipletm ceramic SMD package pyroelectric sensor, we add digipletm model in to-

46 and TO-5 metal shell, introduced into TPIS 1s 1253, which is 5 sq. mm high and only 1.8 mm high, which is the current market

The smallest pyroelectric infrared sensor in the field. We also offer traditional thermopile sensors that simulate the use of SMD space.

TPID 1s 0122. The TPID 1s 0122 thermopile has a built-in 100 K Ω thermistor as the thermopile temperature reference

The accuracy of temperature compensation is further improved.


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